Every business looks for ways to save money, while still retaining the best possible quality for its own internal systems and for customer service. IT security and IT services are no exception to this. These factors are a key part of why the demand for managed outsourced IT services is exploding worldwide.

The companies that demand IT outsourcing have learned two key things with the potential to boost their security, budget, and efficiency. First, that in-house IT management and security can quickly become very expensive; and second, that outsourcing them to external professionals can save money while improving IT management quality. These however aren’t the only reasons why IT outsourcing is attractive to so many businesses.

Affordable Access to Professional Support 

Setting up an in-house IT security and support system can become very costly very quickly. On average, a single IT staffer with moderate skills can cost your business an average of just over $80,000 per year.

In other words, to hire a team of just three IT employees for a small company, taking aside the costs of the recruiting and onboarding time involved, can add up to annual expenses of as much as $240,000 per year. Bear in mind that this does not include the inevitable cost of hardware and software, which can be high too and subject to periodic update expenses.

On the other hand, with managed services providers, your company simply pays a monthly or annual amount to have its entire IT network protected and monitored. Your data is then safeguarded with dedicated, professional assessment and support by an entire team of IT experts that don’t need to be hired or managed directly by you. 

Being Covered by the Latest Technology 

Dedicated IT services firms specialize in information security and data protection. They need to offer their clients high-quality technology that can meet the demands of a modern business IT landscape. By outsourcing services to these specialists, organizations can protect their digital assets and data while knowing that the protection they receive is being offered through the newest in expertise, security software, and data protection hardware.

Whether your organization requires protection against data loss, ransomware, or phishing attacks via different endpoints, a managed services provider can offer all of these services with cutting-edge tools that would cost you much more to recreate in-house.

Speed of Implementation 

Another reason why outsourced IT security and services are so convenient is the ease of implementation. With in-house IT, even a small organization needs to spend months on finding, interviewing, training, and hiring the right staff. They also often need to hire outside experts to source the right hardware and software tools for proper IT security. All of this doesn’t include the possibility of being the victim of a breach that can cost thousands of dollars per hour.

Instead, by signing up with an outsourced IT services provider, your company or organization can be assessed quickly. It can have its IT systems backed up and monitored in no time without the need to hire any new staff or buy any new and expensive hardware solutions. This creates both time and costs savings right from the beginning.

Across-the-Board IT Protection 

Managed services providers not only let your organization efficiently implement an IT security plan, but they also let you enjoy multiple different types of IT services quickly and at a relatively low cost. The range of services offered by a managed services provider like Great Lakes Computer Corporation would be costly if handled by your own in-house systems and staff. Instead, by outsourcing them, you can almost immediately enjoy access to services such as:

    • Computer network management 
    • Data server protection and management
    • Thorough endpoint protection of your IT network
    • Data backup and security 
    • Monitoring and management of your organization’s desktops and laptops 
    • Numerous cloud services

The managed services and IT security options at Great Lakes Computer Corporation include all of the above, as well as other services for robust IT security, IT management, and data protection for your organization whether it’s large or small. Contact us today to find out more!