Why Us?

We are trusted members of your team

Since 1981, Great Lakes Computer has been providing trusted IT service and support to customers in Northeast Ohio in a variety of industries and business settings.

More than an extra pair of hands, Great Lakes is your partner in IT productivity. Our associates are highly engaged, providing the insight and knowledge to help you navigate the complexities of technology.

Great Lakes Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is an ongoing key success area for Great Lakes. And we don’t rely on gut feel or a “view from the top”.

In March 2019, we conducted a third party assessment to measure team climate strengths and opportunities for improvement. Team Vital Signs is a validated, web-enabled assessment that quickly captures essential indicators of our team’s health — and offers a clear path toward peak performance.

Our team placed in the top quartile of global respondents (hundreds of companies and thousands participants) in these three critical areas:

In addition, we seek to understand our performance across these four outcomes:

Our team scored above average in Sustainability, Agility, and Satisfaction – and was a Top Quartile Performer in Results.

Our team makes the difference.

When you decide to work with Great Lakes Computer as your IT service provider,  you will benefit from the climate of engagement we strive to create every day and the results that our associates deliver.

As an extension of your staff, you can rely on Great Lakes people to go beyond the requirements of the job.

  • We will look for opportunities to improve the performance of your technology assets
  • We will actively work to make things better
  • We will treat your employees with respect, and help them maximize technology enabled productivity