IT Support for Logistics & Distribution Firms

We help supply chain firms stay focused on delivering the goods

You move, store, and distribute goods – continually focused on quality and efficiency. Synchronizing the supply chain is no easy work. We provide IT support to make sure your technology runs smoothly and does not get in the way of your success.

The logistics and distribution sector in the greater Cleveland area is undergoing a transformation related to the adoption of new, innovative technologies making IT support critical. The consulting firm, PwC warns “as complexity of modern transport and logistics grows, it is more and more difficult to understand what should be the short vs long term focus and what to invest in”.

In October 2019, a panel at the American Trucking Associations’ Management Conference & Exhibition discussed a report that found businesses in the trucking industry and overall supply chain were the fifth most at risk of a cyberattack. The 2020 Travelers Risk Index found that 79% of those surveyed believe companies should have the proper cyber prevention tools in place, but only 51% have purchased cyber insurance to protect against a data breach or cyber event.

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Our suite of IT support services help supply chain firms stay focused on innovative technologies and removes the worry and time associated with IT support. Every minute you spend on IT support related issues robs you of of the time needed to move your business forward. We can help you manage, secure and maintain your technology assets.


GLC’s Total Care Support has eliminated the need of having to wait for an IT person to come to our office to correct any problems.
I recently had a problem with installing a software package so I called GLC.
They resolved the problem the same day.
The response time is very timely and each of my users has the ability to complete and track their own support tickets.


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