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Manufacturing in Northeast Ohio is growing. So are the challenges you must overcome to ensure that growth. We help you focus on innovation by ensuring your IT systems are operational, updated and safe. With our IT support you’ll be able to keep the machines functioning that keep your machines functioning!

The manufacturing industry is evolving at a rapid pace and IT issues can become a major time drain and shift your focus away from business growth.

Managed IT Services

Our suite of IT support services is designed to help manufacturers like you address the challenges of the modern technology landscape. Great Lakes Computer’s team of experts can help you manage, secure, and maintain your technology assets, leaving you free to focus on innovating and moving your business forward.

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Cybersecurity is another concern for organizations in the manufacturing industry. Hackers targeting these organizations are also becoming more sophisticated in their tactics and companies need to increase their cybersecurity efforts.

Cybersecurity Concerns We Manage

We understand the unique challenges that come with operating in this industry, and we’re here to help. Let us worry about your IT support needs so you can focus on what you do best – manufacturing. Contact us today to learn more about how our IT support services can help you take care of business.

Alithya Manufacturing Survey 2023

     Manufacturers recognize the value of technology investments with 43% of respondents reporting they plan to continue increasing spending into 2023. Technology is expected to be a major factor in countering current economic constraints.

     Even with rising interest rates, manufacturers recognize technology investments are critical to remaining competitive in the face of continued supply chain and labor challenges. The Manufacturing Leadership Council reported a significant shift in investment with, 89% of leaders expecting to accelerate adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies, up from 51% planning those investments a year ago.

     Over half of manufacturing leaders reported plans to invest in data analytics and dashboards over the next year with another half planning to invest in CRM. Many manufacturers are looking to ERP systems, with 44% citing planned investments.

Our suite of IT support services help manufacturers address these challenges by removing the time drain associated with IT problems. Every minute you spend on IT support related issues robs you of of the time needed to move your business forward. We can help you manage, secure and maintain your technology assets.


We have been very impressed with their support, responsiveness, knowledge,
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We are pleased and confident in extending our highest recommendations for Great Lakes Computer.