Data security is a crucial part of running any business. Cybersecurity breaches can have a huge impact on an organization’s reputation and revenue. This makes it essential to have a robust data breach response plan in place.

The Cost of Cyberattacks 

Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to data breaches, with 43% of attacks targeting them. The cost of these cyberattacks has skyrocketed in the last year to more than $6.9 billion. Ninety percent of attacks are financially motivated. This means that data theft or ransom requests for money are commonplace. It is crucial to have strong IT security to keep your business from becoming another statistic. 

Know Your Data 

It is important to thoroughly understand your data and the various IT security measures you must take to protect it. To be truly prepared, identify your kind of data, who has access to it, and what data needs extra protection. This could include client personal information, company financials, staff emails and texts, credit card numbers, etc. You should also have secure email security procedures and data backup solutions

Have a Cybersecurity Plan 

In the event of a data breach, you must have a comprehensive response and recovery plan in place. It should include actionable steps based on all possible breach scenarios. It should give your response team a plan of action to handle the breach. This plan should include notifying your response team, analyzing and containing the breach, and remediation measures to stop further damage. 

If sensitive client information gets compromised, the next step of your response plan should include steps to notify these individuals that their data has been seen, stolen, or used by an unauthorized individual. 

Have Experts on Hand 

When dealing with data theft or cyber damage, having experts on hand to assist is essential. Consider outsourcing managed IT services. This should include IT security to back up and secure your data. Having professionals on-call can help you recover quickly from any data security threats. 

Prepare to Act Quickly 

When it comes to data breach prevention and response, acting fast is crucial. You must have all the necessary resources in place before a potential breach happens. Having these resources ready can help minimize the impact of any data theft or loss. Additionally, make sure you have a reliable IT security team. They should be familiar with current threats and can respond quickly to any breaches. Prepare to act quickly. This can help reduce the impact of a data breach and minimize the associated costs. 

Have a Recovery Plan 

Having a business continuity and disaster recovery plan in place should be a top priority to guard your business against any potential data breaches. It should outline steps to recover lost data, prevent further breaches, and restore normal business operations. 

Review the plan regularly. This will ensure it is up-to-date and that necessary steps are outlined to shield your business’s information. A recovery plan will help minimize the risk of data theft and ensure your business is ready in an emergency. 

Consult with an Expert 

Hackers are constantly finding new ways to breach data. It can be challenging to keep up with their most recent strategies. Great Lakes Computer Corporation has the expertise to assess your needs and weak links and develop a cybersecurity plan for Prevention, Detection and Response customized to your business. Your cyber security is only as strong as your weakest. Protect your business and get your FREE 30-minute cybersecurity consultation today.