Data backup has undergone a significant revolution in the past decade. Back in 2009, businesses had a physical room with a server machine for data storage. Backup was self-hosted and its maintenance was primarily the task of the IT department. But now, new technological solutions have made it easy for companies to deploy powerful backup data security. The use of cloud-based storage, virtualization, Big Data, and IoT business solutions are now a commonplace. Let’s look at how data backup has shifted, and the trending data storage practices that affect today’s business world.

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

With cloud-to-cloud backup, the information stored in one cloud is backed up on another. This helps because cloud software providers can only do as much as protect the data on their side, leaving your critical information exposed to hackers. Cloud-to-cloud backup provides another layer of data security, leaving no room for breaches.

Anything can happen to make you lose data. For instance, unintentional deletion, data corruption, or data breaches. Having another cloud backup, in addition to your provider’s, enables you to recover the lost information quickly.

Cloud Storage of On-Site Backup Data

The other popular backup system is cloud storage of onsite backup data. It entails using the cloud as a repository for the physical server or virtual backup equipment. It is also a clever way of cutting the costs of operating an off-site backup system.

Using this backup infrastructure, organizations can easily manage their data from a central location with multiple remote users. Like cloud-to-cloud storage, recovering data from cloud storage of onsite servers is easy, whether you lose your physical servers or cloud data backup due to breaches or human errors.

Backup Appliances

A major advantage of device-based backup systems is that they automatically store your data. The infrastructure is designed in a way that data is stored in multiple data centers, making it readily available on command.

Backup appliances alleviate the need for a storage software since the device works in line with your physical server or virtual machine. It is a high-level backup data security system that offers businesses a reliable backup solution for short- and long-term data storage.

Virtual Backup Appliances

Think of virtual backup appliances as the traditional backup systems–only that they operate online. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about shipping any hardware, thus cutting down costs.

Some advantages that virtual backup appliances have over their traditional counterparts are that companies can deploy, configure, and manage them more effectively. One significant advancement in backup virtualization is the introduction of application-aware virtual devices. These allow companies to store their data on any software application, regardless of how it was obtained.

The only downside of a virtual backup is that it can “eat up” too many resources, requiring the IT department to use physical storage hardware to manage the increased workload.

Backup Supporting Sources

Thanks to technology, backup is not limited to servers. Businesses can now acquire backup systems for their data on laptops, smartphones and other devices.

With backup for supporting data sources, companies can manage to combat data loss and the costly malware and ransomware that attack endpoint storage devices. Before cloud-based backups, individuals and organizations faced a huge challenge backing up endpoints, but they can now do that so long as the device can access the internet.

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