Every 11 seconds. That is how often experts predict a ransomware attack on a business will occur by the end of 2021. With that in mind, businesses can no longer push cybersecurity to the side, or just put up a basic firewall. Protecting your business’s data is crucial for the safety of everyone involved, and in some cases, for your business to survive. In fact, cyberattacks have been known to wipe out many small businesses, forcing them to shut their doors. The best way to protect your business and your data is to have an effective Security Operations Center (SOC) in place.

What is a SOC?

With technology becoming more and more sophisticated every day, so are cyberattacks, resulting in them happening more frequently and in more places (due to the additions of cloud services, smartphones and other smart products).Therefore, the best defense is to have a Security Operations Center (SOC) to watch over your network. It monitors all activity, investigates every threat, alerts users to actions that could cause a problem, and then responds immediately when there is a problem. It is a dedicated center to cybersecurity.

Many businesses have an IT department, where cybersecurity is one of their regular tasks. But that is an old-school way of thinking. It’s not enough. IT departments do not have the time to proactively monitor your network, and are often late in detecting and neutralizing an attack. It is an SOC’s only job to protect your network. Plus they have more modern technology, extensive expertise and are always watching.

However, many smaller businesses struggle with the costs associated with having a full SOC to handle their security. Fortunately, there is a solution: a Security Operations Center as-a-Service (SOCaaS)–it has the abilities of an SOC, but is a cloud-based service at a reduced price.

Caring For Your Security

To create an effective SOC or SOCaaS, here are the top 6 steps to help you build or improve it:

  • Build a Strong Foundation

To begin, you need to have the basic security measures in place. That means a review of your servers and protocols, and identifying any that are insecure. You also will need to create a system for managing your passwords securely and to segment your networks (i.e. have a server used for guests). In addition, you’ll want to make sure you have solid firewalls, anti-malware, Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Prevention installed.

  • Assess & Document the Situation

It’s also important to review your work landscape to fully understand all the protection you need, but also so you can identify where the holes are and where threats may come from. One way to do that is for your SOC or SOCaaS to create a master list of all applications, software and online assets. It should include how all of them are used, what servers and devices are involved, as well as the interactions involved on each. Compiling all your possible threat intelligence like this will help if an attack occurs and will assist your team in responding to it. It will show any abnormal activity, as well as make it easy to predict how fast an attack will spread and how much time there is to respond before serious damage is done.

  • Determine Your Main Objectives

Another aspect of having a strong SOC or SOCaaS is making sure you have clear goals laid out. What is most important to your business—Compliance? Security? Your SOC or SOCaaS will do its best to monitor every aspect, but by having a priority list assembled, they will focus on what’s most important first.

  • Create Your Threat Response Plan

It’s vital to have a plan in place when an attack does occur. That way no one panics, there are clear steps to take and the threat can be stabilized quickly. It requires thinking through the common threats and the steps and tools needed to address any threat. Having all these processes clearly documented will save you time, money and heartache.

  • Purchase the Best Technology & Programs

In order to properly protect your business, you need the best technology, tools and software that you can afford. Make sure to purchase them from knowledgeable security vendors. One tech to consider is security automation software. It will eliminate certain manual tasks, blocking basic attacks faster and automatically. Your SOC or SOCaaS can then focus on more in-depth matters and protection.

  • Assemble a Strong Team

To manage your security affectively, having highly-trained experts on the team is another key component. It requires having the proper knowledge, training and experience to know how to handle these situations. But they also need to have the right mindset to think critically and decisively.

Hire Great Lakes as Your SOCaaS

As you can see, creating an effective SOC or SOCaaS is very complex and time-consuming. It’s particularly hard for SMBs who are extremely busy with their business and don’t have time or the resources to assemble a team. That’s where Great Lakes Computer Corporation comes in! We can take the burden off of your shoulders, protect your business, and let you focus on your business—not security. We have partnered with Arctic Wolf so that we can provide you with SOCaaS services your company needs.