server monitoringAfter years of providing server monitoring services, we learned to spot some common red flags. Some signs might seem subtle, but others are fairly obvious. If your business relies upon your company’s computer server for daily work, you might want to pay attention to what your machines are telling you. Consider these common signs that let you know that you may need server maintenance.

Hardware Problems

If you keep losing control of your mouse, printer, or other peripheral devices, you should take that as a sign that your machine either can’t handle software updates or actually has physical problems related to these hardware drivers. If you’re certain that your server’s accessories function fine on their own, you should get the problem diagnosed. Hardware problems usually only get worse over time.

Software Glitches

Does reliable software suddenly start freezing up or even crashing? If so, you might assume that your server’s operating system isn’t compatible with new updates, your drive is corrupted, or you have some other issue. This is especially true if multiple applications start exhibiting bad behavior.

Loud Noises

If your server starts making a lot of noise, the cooling fan could be telling you that it’s getting ready to die or that it’s having to work much too hard to keep your machine cool. In some cases, the fan might just have accumulated too much dust and needs cleaning. Either way, the fan or the machine needs attention.

Boot Problems

Typically, aging servers need to get booted more frequently. Sometimes restarts will temporarily resolve issues. If you need to repeat boots several times or see errors when you boot, it’s definitely time to get the issue diagnosed properly.

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Some issues can be readily repaired. Some are avoidable with proper monitoring and maintenance. Sometimes, your machines may need replaced. Either way, you certainly don’t want to ignore problems and just wait for the day when you can’t reboot your server at all. You risk losing valuable business information and having your company grind to a halt.

We offer many levels of server monitoring and troubleshooting protection here at Great Lakes Computer. You can either choose to have information sent to you or handled by our experienced technical staff. We can also work with you to develop a recovery plan to keep computer issues from hurting your company. Contact our experts today to keep you business running smoothly.

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