Computer server support, repair and maintenance for storage devices

Computer server support, repair and maintenance for storage devices

Computer Server Support, Repair and Maintenance of Storage Devices

Great Lakes Computer repairs all types of storage devices including tape drives, tape libraries, optical and disk based storage systems from manufactures such as IBM, HP / Compaq, Quantum and others.

IBM Storage Device Repairs

Larger midrange systems such as the IBM iSeries and pSeries, AS/400and the RS6000 have enormous storage requirements. The ability to store this data and provide immediate access offers ongoing challenges for storage devices. The maintenance and repair of these storage devises become as critical as the CPU itself. The Technical team at Great Lakes Computer has extensive experience in IBM storage systems such as; 3590 and 3995 along with some legacy storage equipment such as the 3480 and 3490 series and DASD equipment.

PC/Server; Storage Solutions

The prevalent use of PC servers as the primary business CPU and the expansion of data requirements has increasingly caused the data backup solution to become more robust and capable. Although tape drives and libraries are still typical, Network Attached Storage (NAS) and similar SAN disk storage solutions are now commonplace. Great Lakes Computer has the expertise to assist you in the installation, setup, maintenance and repair for all of your servers storage device configurations.

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