Data Protection via proactive computer maintenance and repair services

Data Protection via proactive computer maintenance and repair services

Data Protection and Network Security with Computer Maintenance and Repair Services

Our data protection services lower your risk, secure your data and systems, and ensure comprehensive restoration should you need it. Our tech experts will monitor, manage, and restore your data so you know it is securely preserved and is being watched over 24/7.  We approach your data protection needs in several ways, including anti-virus and anti-malware software, and generating backups to keep you running if it ever goes down. Our redundant backup services also protect you from the troublesome and growing practice of ransomware.

Award-Winning Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware

Great Lakes Computer offers powerful products for detecting and eliminating dangerous viruses and malware. Our products are powered by Kaseya, the award-winning leading global provider of IT Systems Management software.

AntiVirus Computer Maintenance Offers Peace of Mind

What sets Kaseya AntiVirus apart from stand-alone solutions is the embedded integration approach.

AntiMalware computer maintenance stops threats before it starts

Detect, destroy, and prevent Malware while leveraging the automation capabilities of the Kaseya IT systems management framework.

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Data Backup & Recovery

With our Data Protection services, your data is there when you need it. We have multiple options for Data Backup and Recovery services.  In fact we can ensure that if you have a failure you are not down for more than 30 minutes.

We partner with firms that specialize in backup and recovery – with an emphasis on recovery. While backing up business systems is critical – it is useless without the expertise, process, and know-how in place to restore a backup quickly for your business continuity.

We’ll work with you to not only meet your objectives, including Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective (RTO and RPO), but also your budget. Our team will develop a backup and recovery plan to meet objectives as defined by you to meet your business needs. We provide continuous data protection that lets you set a time that works for you while saving money by only replicating changed or edited files.

We are a proud authorized partner for Asigra Agentless Backup services.  Learn more about our data backup programs to determine which is right for your organization, or contact us to talk to our data protection experts.

Learn More About OurData Backup & Recovery Services

 Don’t risk losing your data. Contact us now to get a data backup solution in place before it’s too late.

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