managed service Small-to-Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs) are like the little engine that could. While they may be outgunned in terms of financial resources compared to larger competitors, they keep chugging along and making it work. SMB owners are, more often than not, jacks of all trades. If they want something done in their operation, they do it. That’s a mindset that’s hard to shake because they’re used to controlling all the moving parts. But successful SMBs know when it’s time to let go of operational tasks so they can focus on their area of expertise. This is where a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can help.

MSPs are often brought in to perform specific IT tasks that SMBs no longer want to manage in-house. This outsourcing occurs for one of two reasons. First, the IT staff is overloaded with repetitive monitoring and maintenance tasks and can’t make headway on new initiatives. Second, business owners may recognize that their staff is just not qualified to handle the demanding needs of network management

Here are three simple reasons SMBs need MSPs:

    1. Proactive management and constant monitoring.With preventative maintenance and proactive management, MSPs can keep your systems functioning smoothly. It is far more costly to your business to deal with a crisis after it occurs, than if you are able to prevent it from happening. MSPs offer 24/7/365 monitoring of your systems. They can detect problems as soon as they arise. The faster the problem is detected, the faster it can be repaired, and that means less downtime for your business.
    2. Better security. You are not a cybersecurity expert, and today’s world requires expertise when it comes to protecting your data. We are witnessing unprecedented data breaches, like the WannaCry ransomware and the Google Doc phishing attack, that will continue to proliferate. SMBs make up more than half of cybersecurity victims. Hackers know that defenses are likely weaker with smaller operations, and they pick them like low-hanging fruit. Couple this stat with the fact that most SMBs don’t have adequate resources to recover from a breach, and you’ll start to see why it may be time to bring in a professional. SMBs can no longer afford to consider data protection a “B-List” priority.
    3. Lower costs.  While you may see your in-house IT work as “free”, versus paying an outside firm to handle it, the costs to your business from down time or data loss can be massive.The National Cyber Security Alliance indicates:

      – 32% of all organizations reported they’ve been a victim of some form of cyber-crime
      – 85% of all breaches happen to small businesses
      – 70% of small firms that experience a major data loss will go out of business in a year
      – 25% will never reopen after a major data loss

      Preventative maintenance and monitoring can extend the life of your hardware.

Investing in the services of a Managed Service Provider pays off in dividends in the form of more time to focus on and grow your business. It also reduces the potential costs resulting from catastrophic hardware failure or data loss. The key is to find a provider you can trust. Your MSP is not just a vendor, but a partner that wants to see your business succeed and operates in your best interest. Great Lakes Computer can be that partner. We offer a range of Managed Services that can manage your IT and help you get back to what you’re good at.