Managed PrintManaged Services are becoming more prolific than ever. Smart business people understand that they are the most successful when they can focus on their strengths and leave the administrative work to others. The market is responding and we are seeing a huge spike in enterprise-related managed services being offered for every business function. This is especially true when it comes to office hardware like servers, POS systems, and printers. What’s so great about Managed Print Services (MPS)?

1. Cost Savings.  Printing can cost you 1-3% of your annual revenue. Having a service that monitors usage and machine performance can reduce those expenses by up to 30%. That can translate into some big money!

2. Time Savings. How much time do you or your employees spend messing with a printer that isn’t working correctly? Is that a valuable use of time or would it be better spent actually doing their job? That inefficiency can be eliminated with an MPS.

3. Eliminate Unexpected Downtime. Managed Service Providers can remotely monitor your equipment and detect when there is trouble. This allows them to get ahead of slowdowns, or repair them in a timely manner. Ensuring all of your equipment is working properly at all times keeps your operations moving.

4. No More Ordering Supplies. Providers monitor your toner and consumable supply levels and get you more, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of ordering and running out.

5. No Costly Equipment Repair. Service providers perform routine maintenance. The user pays a set monthly fee generally based on a per-page rate. The monthly fee covers acquisition of any new equipment, consumables and maintenance services.

6. Accountability. By tracking print use, you’ll be able to identify the biggest consumers of printed documents and assess the efficiency of each user. There may be some people that are printing unnecessarily and that can be addressed and corrected.

7. Sustainability. MPS aims at maximing efficiency of printing, thus reducing waste and your company’s impact on the environment.

Any business that utilizes printing on a regular basis can see benefits from a Managed Print Service. Great Lakes Computer has been a trusted print provider in Northeast Ohio for over 20 years. Read our client testimonials to learn more. If you’re interested in finding out how much you can save with an MPS, schedule a FREE Print Cost Assessment.