Business advantages of remote hardware monitoring

remote monitoringRemote hardware monitoring is a fairly new technology, one that has truly become feasible to implement only since the advent of a strong, nationwide internet infrastructure able to operate at broadband speeds.  Many small- and medium-sized businesses have already begun to harness the natural efficiencies of the internet for software-based functions, running their email services in the cloud, for example.  The internet, however, can be just as useful for improving business efficiencies in the area of hardware.  Many SMBs are now beginning to realize the outstanding benefits that internet-based complete system monitoring can provide.

System alerts are key

A robust system of remote hardware monitoring administered by a skilled and experienced IT services provider will allow an SMB to receive advance warning when a machine may be experiencing problems.  This is done through a coordinated program of system notifications that alert the IT services firm when a computer or server enters a “danger zone” of a measured variable.  Remote hardware monitoring, for example, can provide key service provider personnel with information about the internal temperature of systems, their rate of read/write hard disk access, the speed and frequency of cooling fans in use in the systems, and their levels of CPU usage.

Instead of waiting for a system to fail before it is identified as needing some form of assistance, SMBs with such system alerts in place can have their IT service firm solve such problems before they become serious enough to interfere with workflow, productivity, and profits.

Remote monitoring can also lower the direct costs associated with the use of technology to carry out business functions.  A common problem with traditional IT services is the duplication of site visits because of a lack of coordination.  Remote monitoring allows the IT services firm to have a continuous “snapshot” about the state of all systems.  This allows for one visit, when required, to solve several problems that have become evident through system notifications and other alerts.

It should be noted, however, that with remote monitoring the total number of site visits is also reduced because many IT problems can be resolved completely through remote means.  This is another way in which the remote monitoring model aids business efficiency and lowers costs.

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