NEMS Remote Monitoring

NEMS Remote Monitoring

NEMS/400 and AS400 Service Tools

NEMS/400 constantly monitors your hardware and reports any problems so Great Lakes Computer Corporation can be there before they happen. NEMS/400 was created to allow GLC to offer the same “comfort factor” that IBM is able to leverage as a major player in the AS/400-iSeries maintenance market place. This service provides complete system monitoring, automatic alerts and customer notification for all of your AS/400 and iSeries products.

Service details:

  • NEMS/400 is designed to monitor the AS/400 or iSeries system error-log and report problems automatically based on some custom filters.
  • Automatically receive and redirect messages to service centers and field engineers via e-mail or text.
  • The Problem Management Center (PMC) logs and archives all calls.
  • The PMC is installed on a “central site” AS/400 or iSeries.
  • Connection between the customer’s machine and the PMC is made by either IP (using the Internet) or a dial up system using an asynchronous modem attached to a V24 port.
  • Detailed archived problem message logs allow report production based on machine, client, date, history, number of problems and more.

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Information provided by NEMS/400:

  • A system generated problem number
  • A message ID
  • The current rack configuration
  • The problem function
  • System Reference Code
  • Machine Serial Number
  • Date and Time of the problem
  • First level text
  • Problem log details
  • Pertinent hardware and software details

Benefits of NEMS

  • NEMS will give you advance warning of machine problems
  • NEMS will allow you to collate an up to the minute stock requirement inventory
  • Greater clarity of information is produced
  • A reduction in duplicated site visits
  • A reduction in time waiting at site for parts
  • Full and current system information
  • Detailed problem information made readily available
  • Reduced call time analyzing the problem

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