SMBs turn to managed IT services to cut IT costs

Managed IT ServicesIn these trying economic times, small- and medium-sized businesses are turning to an outsourced IT solution (Managed IT Services) in ever greater numbers.  This kind of service gives companies the freedom to enjoy technologies that were previously the exclusive domain of their larger competitors.  They find that their productivity levels are boosted, without the issue of having to find space in an already squeezed IT budget for specialist staff and hardware updates.

Going back a number of years, it was expected that businesses would adapt and upgrade their private IT resources as required.  Although it was not cheap, investing in IT was vital if they were to meet the changing demands of their client base.

Thankfully, all that has now changed with the emergence of the managed service provider (MSP) and a whole raft of data center hosting options.  These offer an ideal alternative to costly and complex IT ownership, ensuring every type of enterprise benefits from the latest technological advances.

SMBs are also attracted to IT outsourcing for the accessibility aspect. When you encounter a problem there is no longer any need to call out a member of your IT team or pay for the services of a freelance expert.  Instead, the majority of providers ensure their helpdesk is manned around the clock.

There is far less of a security risk when a firm of specialists is monitoring your IT infrastructure. They not only take care of your data, but also back up your files, so in the event of a hardware failure, they can get you back on your feet quickly.

Finally, as Sophie Devonshire, the founder of Babes with Babies, a SMB out of London, England points out: “As a business owner I’d rather spend more on my staff and my customers than on my IT support and a traditional office set up, so the cost savings are critical.”

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