Technology makes our lives easier… most of the time.  But sometimes, getting that technology to work the way it should when it should takes more work than we’d like it to. How often have you been held up because your office printer is giving you error messages or failing to sync with your laptop? Ever lose data in a system crash? These hurdles can put a major dent in your productivity. It’s important to make your technology work for you, not the other way around. Here are a few smart solutions to those productivity blockers. 

Productivity Blocker: Disorganized and Insecure Files and Documents

If your office still relies on file cabinets full of business-critical documents, you’re probably working slower than you can be. Not only does it take time to look for what you need, but how many of those documents are outdated or irrelevant? File cabinets are also poorly secured generally. Proper security measures, like key locks, tend to be left by the wayside because it’s a hassle for staff to deal with. Physical documents are also at risk of catastrophic loss in the event of a fire or other disaster.

If only there were a way to store files digitally in a single location that is secure and features automated backup. But there is! Cloud computing allows you to find information with keyword searches, password-protect certain documents to restrict access to authorized users, track viewers, and even access sensitive documents securely via mobile devices or laptops. Every document is also backed up automatically. You get redundancy, easy access, up-to-date applications, and enhanced security. Think how much time you’ll save!

Productivity Blocker: Limited IT Support

It is the nature of technology to glitch on occasion. Additionally, proper maintenance and updates are rarely executed as recommended. Staff may overuse or underutilize hardware, and both can lead to shortened life span of your costly IT equipment. If you are able to afford an in-house IT person, they likely will spend most of their time fire fighting instead of focusing on growth projects. If you don’t have an IT person on staff, you probably have employees interrupting their tasks to try to patch the issues as they arise.

All of these factors combined can be a huge hurdle to daily productivity, but there’s an easy fix. Hire a Managed Services Provider. An MSP is a dedicated support resource that can remotely monitor and manage your IT systems in real-time. They can resolve many issues without you ever experiencing slow downs or issues. They can review your current infrastructure and make strategic recommendations that will help optimize your data flow.

Productivity Blocker: Poor Printer Performance

Most businesses don’t fully recognize the level of waste involved in document printing. The obvious waste comes from printing at high quality when a draft would suffice and unnecessary or accidental printing (we’ve all accidentally printed a 30 page document when we only needed a portion of it, right?). The unseen costs to the business come from underutilized printers, failing to conduct regular maintenance, and running too many printers unnecessarily.

Managed Print Providers (MPP) can reduce your total printing costs up to 30% right out of the gate. They conduct an initial assessment of your print function and develop a series of recommendations that will streamline your print operations. MPPs also  identify waste and implement strategies to reduce it. They keep your printer fleet updated and running optimally.

Great Lakes Computer Corporation can make your business more productive.

We provide a wide range of IT services to help SMBs work more efficiently. Great Lakes Computer Corporation is an MSP, MPP, and cloud solution provider. We also offer security services, backup and recovery, and more. If you’re IT management is interfering with your productivity, call us. We know we can help! To help you get started, click below to see learn more about our Managed IT Services.