Spam email attacks (otherwise known as phishing) are one of the largest threats facing all businesses today. They are everywhere and affect everyone. Plus, they are continuing to grow in sophistication and number, so there is no end in sight. And what’s worse is that most people are aware of this large danger, and yet, they don’t have the proper protection in place to keep these email attacks out of their inboxes from the start, or they still click on emails hurriedly, not checking the sender before opening. It’s naïve for business owners to think all of their employees or themselves wouldn’t open a spam email, welcoming a virus in. Because they do. We ALL do. 

How likely are you to click on a spam email link at work?  

In a recent survey, Generation Z employees were met with a 46% chance of falling victim to a phishing email by a hacker. Boomers had a 1% chance, and Gen X had a 4% chance as well. Millennials were the second runner up with a 29% chance of falling victim and jeopardizing a secure work network. Read the full article.

How is this possible? Gen Z and Millennial workers feel more confident about online security than older generations who tend to be more reserved and cautious. These younger generations will use their corporate email addresses for personal social media logins, which can create huge problems for cybersecurity. Plus, 30% of workers say they use their company email address for online shopping, which can really create weak entry points for corporate infrastructure, since these phishing emails are attacks that attempt to steal your money, or your identity, by getting you to reveal personal information – such as credit card numbers, bank information, or passwords – on websites that pretend to be legitimate. 

“If credentials are compromised and a corporate account is taken over, the fallout from that point could be catastrophic,” says Sailpoint CISO Heather Gantt-Evans. “Once threat actors are able to open a doorway, they can quickly establish footholds, harvest data and deploy malware.” 

Get Serious about Prevention 

It’s never too late to protect yourself and your business. Make sure you strengthen your cybersecurity and follow basic tactics to avoid falling victim. Here is our guide to avoid email scams, as well as our top 10 tips to spot phishing attempts.

If you’re concerned about your business’ cybersecurity, and you should be, we can help you address it. Great Lakes Computer Corporation has an extensive array of data security programs that can protect you from data theft and loss. Contact us today to find out how we can help.