Are you moving your office?  How are you moving your network?

Office movesA move is the PERFECT time to reevaluate your Information Technology system and setup.

BUT you need to ask the right questions. We offer a complete checklist for your big office move when it comes to moving your technology in our FREE Office Technology Move Guide.

Here are a few other things to consider when planning for an office move:

    • What is the right choice in an Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
    • Should I buy new or refurbished equipment?
    • What are my phone system requirements?
    • Do I cable my new office or rely on wi-fi?
    • What specific requirements does my new facility have?
    • Is my data safe and secure during my move?
    • Is my data backed up in case an emergency happens during the move?

Great Lakes Computer offers an Office Technology Move Service, which includes: backup validation,dismantle existing location, transportation, and new location setup.

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