Managed service checklistSo today, we’re going to take a broader look at managed IT services and what they can do for your business. First of all, what is meant by managed network services?  Basically, Managed Network Services involve outsourcing various IT processes that you routinely engage in, and the benefit is that you have someone with experience handling your services, while also cutting your expenses.

Types of services that you might outsource to a third party include:

    • Equipment moves
    • Server monitoring
    • Repair and maintenance of various technological equipment – servers, laptops, PCs, printers, plotters, and POS equipment
    • Disaster preparation and recovery

The Primary Benefit:  You Can Focus on Growing Your Business

If you handle all of these operations within your business, that presents a number of challenges:

    • You have to hire, train, and manage the proper personnel
    • Your company has to pay for their salaries and benefits
    • You have to develop the appropriate procedures and policies for performing the services in-house

During stages of rapid growth, the challenge lies in deciding whether this is something you want to handle yourself – or outsource to someone else.

4 Questions to ask yourself when deciding to outsource

What services should you look to outsource? It’s different for every business, but if you consider some of these questions, you’ll arrive at the best solution for yours:

    1. How much experience does the service provider you’re considering have?
    2. What is their pricing structure?  Is it easy to understand or very confusing?
    3. Do they have an extensive list of client references?
    4. Can they offer concrete case studies that show the results of their services?

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