SMB cybersecurityWe’re seeing increasing reports of data breaches on businesses of all size. Big businesses can afford to hire their own IT security professionals and dedicate resources to prevention, detection, and remediation. But, according to the National Small Business Association, more than half of SMBs are victims of cyber attacks. The Federal Trade Commission is seeing the impact that cybersecurity breaches are having on these smaller businesses and they want to help. They have recently announced a new set of resources and tools available to help educate and protect SMBs from hackers and data theft.

Here is the official FTC press release:

When scammers and hackers attack small businesses, it hurts not only the businesses’ reputations and bottom line, but also the integrity of the marketplace. Today, FTC Acting Chairman Maureen Ohlhausen announced a new FTC website,, to help business owners avoid scams, protect their computers and networks, and keep their customers’ and employees’ data safe. If you own a business you’ll want to check it out!

At you’ll find:

    • Tips on how to avoid scams that target businesses
    • Advice to help you protect your customers’ and employees’ sensitive data
    • Videos that show what you can do to secure your business’s networks

You can also find the FTC’s newest article Small Business Computer Security Basics, which has tips to help companies protect their files and devices, train employees to think twice before sharing account information, and keep their wireless network protected. The article also tells you what to do if a hacker gets into your computers or networks.

This site offers assistance in a variety of ways to help SMBs prevent, detect, and report data theft. If you are a business owner, please check it out. One of the biggest gaps in security results from inadequate training of employees. Please read our blog post, 8 Network Security Practices Your Staff Needs to Know, for tips on training your team.

If you can’t afford to spend resources on actively managing your network security internally, consider hiring a Managed Service Provider, like Great Lakes Computer. We offer a wide range of services to help you mitigate your risks of data loss, including antivirus software, network monitoring, data backup and recovery, cyber liability insurance, and even digital forensics in the event a breach occurs. Let us manage your security so you can get back to managing your business. 

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