Agentless Data Backup & Recovery

Get in Front of Backup: Agentless Backup and Recovery Solutions

Great Lakes Computer offers a single comprehensive backup and recovery solution that is automated and hassle-free.

We are a proud partner reseller and Managed Service Provider of Asigra Cloud Backup, a comprehensive end-to-end agentless backup and recovery software platform.

Security.  Reliabilty.  Manageability.  Affordability.

With a simple, low impact, but powerful platform that ensures that not just backups complete in the fastest and most efficient manner, we ensure your data is stored in a secure and highly recoverable form.

We address every pain point for enterprise data protection:

  • Agentless technology: Agentless technology helps ensure that your backup environment is easier to manage and administer, more efficient, has lesser disruptions, and is more secure.
  • Recovery and restore assurance:  Recovery and restore assurance features such as autonomic healing and validation restore ensure the consistency and accuracy of your data so that you can recover from your backups every time; removing uncertainties related to recovery.
  • Resource efficient: Perform both source and target based deduplication and compression to ensure optimum use of storage and network resources.
  • Secure and compliant: Encrypts information at source using a NIST FIPS 140-2 certified algorithm that ensures that your data is secure both in-flight and at rest, while ensuring that you are compliant with regulations such as HIPAA and SOX.
  • One repository of backup data: The backup information from all across your enterprise is stored in a single consolidated repository breaking down silos of data protection.
  • Simple, straightforward licensing: Our soltuion through Asigra is licensed based on the capacity of data protected in your backup repository. No additional costs per platform or application being backed up.
  • Automated and efficient: You have the ability to schedule and automate the backup process, reducing the need for manual intervention and increasing efficiencies.
  • A single comprehensive solution: By providing you a single comprehensive solution for all your backup and recovery needs, you can overcome the challenges of managing multiple point solutions in the enterprise.
  • Single pane of glass view: Monitor, control, and manage your entire data protection infrastructure from a single pane of glass – proactively managing your backups instead of reactively responding to them.
  • Widespread platform support: Hardware and software platform agnostic and supports all major operating systems, virtual platforms, enterprise applications, storage arrays, and cloud deployment models.
  • Enterprise class: Obtain enterprise class security, scalability, functionality and performance protecting all the data from laptops and tablets to enterprise servers across multiple data centers and branch office locations.

Get in Front of Backup

Great Lakes brings unprecedented efficiency to your backup and recovery architecture by allowing you to:

  • size the stale data
  • identify redundancies
  • ingest less data even in your initial backup thereby enabling you to optimize and better manage the backup procedure from both a data and a cost perspective.

Agentless architecture reduces complexity and allows for Hybrid Data Protection

While many traditional backup and restore solutions require an agent installed on every target server, workstation, and laptop, the Asigra architecture is agentless, saving deploy- ment, management, and maintenance costs.

Hybrid Data Protection strategy: Enterprises do not need to choose whether to completely manage the entire company data inhouse or completely outsource it to an Online Backup Service Provider. Asigra’s solution allows companies to mix and match and seamlessly switch between the two strategies without having to reinstall the backup and recovery client software.

Protect Any Device, Application or Platform

Protect everything.  From handheld devices to the datacenter – and everything in-between. Single platform means fewer resources, processes, less training and less complexity.  Protect you entire environment no matter how heterogeneous.


Asigra Cloud Backup

We are a proud reseller and Managed Service Provider of Asigra Cloud Backup and Recovery