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Antivirus and firewalls are no longer enough. There is no way to guarantee your data won’t get hacked. SMBs have limited resources and are more likely to have gaps in their security because there just aren’t enough funds to spread around. The flip side of that issue, though, is that these smaller operations often represent the entirety of the owner’s assets, which makes loss and theft potentially catastrophic. The only way to ensure data recovery in the event of theft or disaster is regular backups and we have a little black box that can help.

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Unitrends Recovery Series purpose-built backup appliances make it easy to meet your SLAs. No more broken promises, just simpler, smarter IT. This backup appliance converges enterprise backup, ransomware detection, and cloud continuity into a powerful, all-in-one platform.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware threats are evolving faster than security software and IT admins can keep up. But that doesn’t mean paying hackers a ransom, or that overburdened IT staff have to work even longer hours—instead, let artificial intelligence (AI) watch over your data. Built-in to every backup, predictive analytics automatically monitor data characteristics, flag suspicious files, and alert administrators to threats. Now you can catch ransomware in the act, before the damage is done. Plus, for your ultimate peace of mind, Unitrends backup appliances are built on hardened-Linux, not ransomware’s #1 target—Windows.

ransomware protection
data backup scalability

All-in-One Enterprise Scalability

Your backup should grow with your business, not cause growing pains. Recovery Series backup appliances easily scale up, out, and to the cloud for long-term retention. Protect data ranging from 2 TB – 2 EB. Manage appliances at multiple locations from a single intuitive user interface.

Recovery Assurance

Don’t run the risk of unplanned downtime due to a failed recovery plan. Recovery testing is key to maintaining uptime but is often neglected because it is too time consuming. Only Unitrends delivers automated Recovery Assurance testing, fully integrated with Unitrends backup appliances.

data recovery assurance
proactive monitoring

Proactive Monitoring & Support

Avoid hardware failure and keep your backup running. Recovery Series backup appliances include predictive analytics that anticipate hardware problems. Proactive monitoring alerts you before the issue occurs. Our expert Support Team will reach out and resolve the problem before it impacts your backup.

Sized for Your Business

With 15 models sized in convenient increments from 2 TB to 120 TB, there’s a Recovery Series appliance that fits your needs and budget. As your business grows, it’s simple to scale up, out, or to the cloud. Call us today or fill out the form to the right to learn more.