IT maintenance is fundamental for just about every business in today’s world. It’s important for the most basic reason that IT is an inescapable part of managing even a tiny company, and also for the sake of firm security. The security angle is especially vital due to the increasingly rampant expansion of cybercrime. In fact, cybercriminals are expected to cost the world economy a whopping $10 trillion by 2025. Therefore, 2022 promises to be no picnic.

So yes, your business needs strong IT services, but the problem is that maintaining them yourself can be extremely costly and labor-intensive. Fortunately, a very accessible and easily-approachable solution is waiting in plain sight. It’s called Managed IT Services, and it can offer your business a whole range of truly powerful benefits, whether you’re just a one-person shop or have dozens of employees. Here’s a breakdown of the specific benefits of these services.

Easily Control Labor and IT Equipment Costs

It’s perfectly understandable: For any business, maximum security may be a goal, but every decision has to be balanced against its costs. You obviously want to protect your IT assets as much as you can, but if the money’s not there, well it’s not there. Managed IT Services let you circumvent this dilemma by delivering truly proactive IT vigilance for a much more reasonable service rate that costs a fraction of what maintaining your own in-house version would.

There’s also another cost benefit to Managed IT Services. This is simply that you pay a fixed monthly amount for the specific services you choose, and nothing more. There are no hidden costs and your service package is guaranteed for its quality.

Benefit From the Latest in IT Protection Technology

In our world of pervasive ransomware attacks, phishing attack attempts, data thefts and financial fraud through IT, more than half of all cyberattacks are aimed at small to mid-sized businesses. Of these victims, a whopping 60% go out of business within months of being breached. What’s more, 66% of all small business are attacked at least once per year according to research. In other words, the chances of you being victimized are excellent.

Managed IT Services help you counter this myriad of threats by offering the latest and best in security measures, which are entirely managed by trained experts. For your organization to create its own in-house IT security service that’s good enough to match what an IT services provider can offer, could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. This is completely unnecessary spending. To managed IT providers, this is their specific business, so they ensure they have the resources to handle it.

Enormously Enhance your IT Security and Data Protection

If you understand or read even a bit about IT security and management, you’ll know just how many complex dangers exist across the board. Not all of these are simply cybercrime-related. The danger of data loss through accidents, mismanagement of IT technology or disasters, is also a huge issue for many businesses. You can avoid all of these problems with a Managed IT Services provider.

Your IT services provider can offer you a whole menu of protective measures that include:

  • Malware blocking
  • Data theft prevention
  • Anti-phishing measures
  • Misconfiguration prevention
  • Data backup and data loss prevention
  • Email services monitoring

These are just a few of the service options. There are many more for all aspects of sound IT management and IT security.

Benefit from Immediate Technology and IT Security Updates

Because your Managed IT Services provider singularly dedicates themselves to the business of protecting and maintaining IT infrastructure, it will ensure that its tools are the best available for the job. This applies to their hardware, software and techniques as well.

For you to handle constant updates to all of these things on your own could be a tedious nightmare of spiraling costs. Instead, by hiring a managed services provider, you can sidestep all of the IT hassles and delegate the tech update work to them while you focus on business growth.

Find a Managed IT Provider Today

Managed IT services are the ideal solution for business data and computing security. Delegating your vital information technology and digital security needs to them is one of the better business security choices that you can make today. Great Lakes Computer is ready and waiting to offer their expert knowledge and cutting-edge tools to the protection of your organization. Contact us now for a free consultation.