Understanding the Benefits of Cloud Computing

(Amy Poehler Should Read this…)

Cloud ComputingWhen the term “cloud computing” appeared around the middle part of the last decade, many people were both drawn to the idea and repelled by potential risks at the same time.  Most of the risks stemmed around the security of data when held in some cloud server that the user had no control over.

More savvy users will have identified the convenience of not having to install or upgrade software, along with the fact that backup was taken care of automatically.  Sharing data between colleagues and clients would also have been major ticks in the “pro” column.  The only downsides people could really see were security and privacy.

Again, those technically minded would probably have thought it through to see that while there was a risk of data being compromised it was quite small in terms of cloud security, and no larger than data being accessed through ill-gotten means on a home computer.  Similarly, data backups were probably going to have to be performed more regularly and thoroughly than on a home-based system.

Now that we are in 2013, and cloud computing is taking off in a big way (Even making a feature in Best Buy’s SuperBowl Ad with Amy Poehler) it seems that many people are using cloud-based computing without really taking much notice.  Google calendars used by offices up and down the land to keep tabs on appointments are a prime example, given that the data will be stored in Google’s servers, and not locally.

Of course, when thinking of cloud computing with business in mind, it is easy to see how far the positives outweigh any potential risks associated with the medium.  With remote working becoming increasingly popular, the ability to securely access company databases and documents from home or at a meeting with a client is a tremendous benefit.

Of course, one thing that allowing access to documents in the cloud should limit is the need for printing off swathes of data to take to a client, which is far more vulnerable than the prospect of somebody hacking the cloud network.

Is Cloud Computing Right for You?

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Post by Bob Martin