AppAssure is a unique backup software product

Dell AppAssureIn this white board video you’ll see how we’ve captured the capabilities of our product in a straight-forward yet interesting way.

When you eliminate the data protection gaps found in most backup and recovery solutions, your organization can have even more assurance that it can access critical data when it needs it most. That’s why Dell AppAssure protects not just data, but the applications and operating systems required to access that data.

So how exactly do we ensure total data protection without the gaps?  AppAssure:

    • Keeps backup batches lighter with block-level protection
    • Provides near-instant recovery of your entire server
    • Deduplicates content before it goes to storage
    • Verifies the success of every backup

See how AppAssure’s end-to-end protection helps you protect data continuously, move data anywhere and recover everything.

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