office moveWhile reasons for office relocation can be exciting, the actual moving can be a major headache. But, there are plenty of ways you can make the whole process a little smoother. Here are five simple tips to help.

1. Label everything. Every box needs a label that outlines the contents and where it should go in the new location. Unmarked boxes are almost guaranteed to get lost in the shuffle. Even label boxes of trash so they don’t get accidentally moved to the new location.

2. Move files together. If it lives in a drawer together, it should be in the box together. Pack files vertically as they are stored as well. This prevents the contents from sliding out and getting mixed up. You have enough work to do without deciphering which papers came from where.

3. Lock it up and put away the key. If the cabinets have keys, lock the drawers, and tape the keys inside or to the front of the cabinet. This will help you to avoid losing the keys on a moving day. Pack a briefcase with essential items, important documents, or current projects you will need on the first day at a new place separately.

4. Clean as you pack. There is nothing more frustrating than unpacking broken equipment or unnecessary paperwork. If you have  broken equipment that you’ve been meaning to have repaired, get it fixed before the move or toss it. In advance of the move, take time to review your files and get rid of outdated documents. Give yourself a fresh start without all the collected clutter of the old space.

5. Take extra care with IT hardware. Moving your data processing and storage equipment is one of the most critical pieces of a relocation. Damage or loss here can result in downtime or worse. Data needs to be backed up before the move. All cords and peripherals need to be carefully packed and labeled. When you get to the new office, equipment needs powered up and tested.

If you’re not comfortable with relocating your IT hardware on your own, we can help.


1.  BACKUP VALIDATION – GLC will perform a full system backup for all servers  and verify the data is complete prior to equipment move


  • Power Down – ensure proper system shut down
  • Disconnect and label connections
  • Pack individual PC’s / Workstation and laptops – including all Keyboard, monitor(s) and mouse.
  • Provide a unique identifier tag for every system – GLC will work with customer to generate the MOVE CHART.



  • Unpack, reconnect and power up
  • Verify proper system operation
  • Verify network connection

PLUS: System Failures that occur during the move process will be repaired/replaced by GLC.

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