mechanicFor most people, owning a vehicle means you occasionally need to take your car to the shop for maintenance or repair because you simply lack the expertise–and most people don’t think twice about doing so. But, those same people are using the internet to operate their business and choosing to handle the complex management of their IT function themselves because they don’t think they can afford an IT person. They’re wrong!

What can a Managed Services Provider do for you?

Support when you need it. By choosing a local IT provider, it’s possible to get hands-on support for any issues that arise. For the majority of issues, off-site support from the company’s technicians will be enough to work things out. For major problems or for when setup or installation is required, having an established relationship with an IT company should make dealing with emergencies and routine maintenance alike much easier.

Maintenance to prevent bigger issues. While most people seek out IT professionals when things go badly, keeping in contact with a local IT service can keep technicians on hand to monitor the network and equipment at all stages. By being able to recognize potential problems and fixing them before there is a disaster, it’s possible to keep a business functioning without any hiccups.

Protection from Cyber Attacks. While many people may be tech savvy enough to operate their computers for day-to-day business use, companies are always at risk of a cyber-attack. Having computers infected with malware or getting data stolen can be a major headache for any business, and it can cost a lot of time and money to get everything back to normal. By placing trust in a personal IT provider to implement security measures and ensure that the company’s network and machines are protected, a company can save a lot of hassle and money with minimal investment.

Organization of Business and Data. Even a business staffed with the most capable and talented employees can quickly fall apart if there isn’t organization to data management and computer equipment. When a business relies on technology to function, having an IT provider that can manage the system as a whole and provide a clean, simple, and secure way to store data can increase efficiency and help the company continue to grow.

We can be your IT Department without the big expense!

Losing your business as a result of a breach or data loss can be far more detrimental than being overdue for an oil change. For most SMBs, an in-house IT manager is just not feasible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get enterprise level protection from a local Managed Services Provider. We offer a broad range of managed services designed to protect your business and help you grow. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you!

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