With all that’s happening in the world right now, home is becoming the workplace for many of us. However, depending on your area of employment, that can present a number of problems. You’ll need a quiet place to work, strong phone signal, fast internet, as well as a secure network. In times like these, the latter is not on the forefront of everyone’s mind—we all need to get back to work right away. But it’s important to your business to consider technology that will add an additional security layer to both private and public networks (including internet and broadband hotspots): Virtual Private Networking (VPN).

What is VPN?

Virtual Private Network is the most secure way to send and receive data through the internet. It was created with remote users in mind to ensure they have a private and secure network—no matter where they are. It uses encryption plus a layered tunneling through its own servers, making breaches extremely difficult.

In addition, VPN protects both your identity and location, making the user invisible on the internet. So if you’re looking for protection from phishing attacks and security when viewing private information (no matter where you are), a virtual private network is worth consideration.

Tips on VPN

There are a few things to think about before installing a VPN:

  1. Is your computer ready? You’ll want to make sure to run an anti-virus program on your computer to catch any breaches and to ensure you haven’t been compromised by malware. You wouldn’t want to install VPN while you already have a spy on your system! It would defeat the purpose. Consider a Free Dark Web ID Scan to learn if your information is available for sale on the dark web.
  2. What sites will you be using? It’s important to know that some websites block access to VPN technology. You’ll want to make sure you can access what you need for work.
  3. There are free VPN options out there, but be warned: They come with a host of limitations. Giving priority to paid members, free users often have limited data and bandwidth. Sessions can be time-limited, access to content from certain countries can be denied, and they often come with tons of advertisements. They also rarely have a service agreement.

The security of your work should be of the utmost importance, and a VPN can keep your data safe and secure. At Great Lakes Computer Corporation, we place tremendous value on data security. We offer a variety of services that provide our clients with the tools they need to protect their valuable information including backup and recovery, cloud computing, network management, and setting you up with virtual networking computing. If you are interested in broadening your cyber defenses, please give us a call.