Managed Print for Law firms

Cutting Law Firm Expenses through your Printer

Did you know that more than 80% of the cost of printing occurs after you’ve actually purchased the printer?  Companies that produce printers and ink all know this.

So if you’re a law firm looking to cut your expenses, one of the first places you should look is at your printer.

What are some techniques managed print services (MPS) for law firms use to reduce your costs?

    1. Remote printer monitoring.  One of the largest costs involved with printers involves all those help desk calls you make.  A managed print services provider, for example, will monitor your printers remotely, which means problems get caught early when they cost less to fix.  Some also offer guaranteed timeframes in which they’ll make the fix.
    2. Eliminating as many personal printers as possible.  They increase maintenance costs, and sometimes very significantly so.  You should have as many users as you can print on a networked printer.
    3. Automated supply ordering.  Imagine yourself trying to print a critical document that you need to have that day in order to win a court case…only to find that you’re completely out of ink!  A managed print service tracks supply issues in real time.  And the minute your supplies reach a targeted level, new ones are ordered and shipped.
    4. Identifying more efficient ways to use your printers.  When you’re printing, do you think of the most cost-effective ways to print the minute you press the print button?  Probably not – and now multiply that problem by the number of people printing in your office.  A MPS will track all of your printing usage and let you know steps you can personally take right now to reduce your printing costs – and your environmental impact.
    5. Updating equipment.  When a managed print service visits your business, they might find that your printers are out-of-date and inefficient.  Newer printers make better use of ink, helping you save significantly.
    6. Using scanning to replace printing.  In some cases, it makes more sense to save files digitally and have them backed up, versus printing out their information.  A MPS provider helps you identify these inefficiencies and use hard drive, server, or cloud storage where it makes more sense.

When all these techniques are implemented together simultaneously, you net huge savings on your printing costs.

Want more useful IT tips for law firms?

If your law firm is struggling to remain profitable, or if you just like to be as efficient as possible, it’s a good thing to investigate if you haven’t already checked it out.  And if you need help with that, don’t hesitate to give Great Lakes Computer a call at 888.365.8372.

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