Managed Print ServicesLaw firms are full of busy people who are heavily reliant on technology to accomplish their daily tasks. While laser printers, copy and fax machines and more are present in nearly every law office, most of these same offices lack a full-time printer technician or an IT specialist.
This opens the door for potential downtime whenever printers are in need of repair and can be very costly to a productive law firm. Additionally, the expenses associated with printing in general have steadily increased over the years, accounting for up to 3% of total expenses for some organizations.
What do law firms that use Managed Print Services (MPS) know that the rest don’t?
An MPS has the potential to significantly reduce overall printing costs while eliminating the hassle of dealing with printer repairs and re-ordering of toner, ink and paper supplies.
Outsourcing to an MPS is an excellent choice for law firms of all sizes for the following reasons:
• Printing expenses can be streamlined and reduced. Most law firms handle a significant amount of printed material every day but may be unaware how many printed sheets are wasted. A study conducted by Lexmark found that an average of 17% of all pages printed contained information the user didn’t want. Hiring an MPS can reduce printing costs by as much as 30% after the completion of an initial print audit.
• Legal professionals will be able to focus on what they do best and enjoy reduced printer downtime. It’s an inevitable fact that printers, copiers, scanners and fax machines will all need repair sooner or later. Lawyers and paralegals aren’t experts in these areas and may spend inordinate amounts of time fiddling with these machines when they go down. An MPS will proactively maintain your print related hardware and promptly repair devices should the need arise, reducing and often eliminating printer downtime while leaving your team members free to do what they do best.
• Ordering of print-related products is simplified. Instead of continuously re-ordering toner, ink, paper and other print related supplies, an MPS will handle these aspects and provide one simple monthly invoice. Billing is done on a per-page basis so you only pay for what you use; a print audit is also likely to reveal areas where the number of pages printed can easily be reduced to minimize costs.
• Specialized software applications improve the quality of printed pages and continuous monitoring increases security. A specialized software application may be utilized to improve the overall quality of printed material within your office while reducing the volume of printed pages, toner usage and more. An MPS will also ensure that data within your print network remains secure and confidential.
Law Firms of All Sizes Benefit From Managed Print
No matter how small or large your law firm, outsourcing aspects of your printing needs to a Managed Print provider is likely to save you money while improving the quality of print jobs. You’ll enjoy reduced hassle and the peace of mind of knowing that your print and copy related hardware is proactively maintained to minimize any potential downtime waiting for devices to be repaired. The print technicians at Great Lakes Computer provide MPS packages to meet the needs of every law firm. Give us a call today to learn how we can help streamline your organization.