PrinterAlthough sophisticated mobile technology and the development of the cloud have reduced the need for printers in many situations, most companies still need high-quality printers to power their core business processes. Printers still occupy an important place in the corporate world, and many of the new models are incorporating helpful new features that would have been impossible even a few years ago.

Although some business owners may have been using printers for most of their lives, they still may lack an understanding of the various types of printers that are on the market, as well as what features make each type suitable for certain situations.

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are exceedingly common in offices throughout the world. They are renowned for their affordability and versatility. They function by applying very small dots of ink to the paper through a printer head, and they are also notable for their ability to seamlessly blend different colors to create a smooth appearance.

Where inkjet printers do fall behind their counterparts is in speed. While some commercial models operate faster than the average home unit, output will still likely be slower than with a Laser printer. Inkjet printers have the ability to create photo-quality color prints, but the quality level of the job is highly dependent upon several factors, such as the printer itself, the type of ink used, as well as the type of paper. They can also typically accommodate multiple sizes and styles of paper. Inkjet printers are well-suited for organizations that have a lower printing output but need high-quality color prints, such as graphic design firms.

Laser Printers

If your business has a high volume of printing work that you need to get done quickly, Laser printers are a great option. While many newer models incorporate color printing as well, color toner is notoriously expensive, and the color quality will never be as good as it is with Inkjet. The black and white laser print jobs are usually high-resolution, and they come out of the machine free of any smears. Companies that produce a high volume of black and white documents, such as professional services companies or accounting firms, are often ideal candidates for Laser printers.

Multi-Function Printers

These printers combine several processes into one machine, usually printing, copying, scanning, and also faxing. They are often smaller than single-purpose units, and they typically offer cost savings compared with purchasing each of those devices separately. Due to their compact frame, they work well in smaller organizations that produce lower volume and could benefit from an all-in-one solution.

Additional Printer Concerns

It’s also important to think about additional factors when choosing a printer, such as estimating your ink budget or the necessity of added features, such as wireless printing. No matter which type of printer best serves the needs of your business, the Managed Print Service experts at Great Lakes Computer can service your machines, keep you equipped with supplies, and even provide emergency assistance when necessary.

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