Cybersecurity – Cutting Through the Hype [Webinar]

Cybersecurity – Cutting Through the Hype [Webinar]

It’s time to stop the fearmongering. Let’s talk about the real state of cybersecurity for your business without all the scare tactics.

A day does not pass without another awful story about cybercrime and data breaches. On the web and through email, criminal activity has become common place. In response, cybersecurity businesses and solution providers are attracting press and attention through fearmongering. In a critical area where action needs to be taken, the overwhelming amount of noise has actually induced decision paralysis at management levels. Unfortunately, the status quo has led to putting our businesses at increased risk of significant financial, reputational and legislative damage.

This 15-Minute Web Briefing will give non-technical, practical advice that can immediately be applied to help safeguard your organization.

Join us on Thursday December 19th, 2019 at 11:30 AM.

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