Preparing your network security for 2014

IT Security ThreatsThe best kind of IT Support has a network security product suite that is able to tackle a number of diverse threats and prevent hacks or bugs from entering your company’s software system.  One of the major components of any safeguarding software is a robust anti-virus and antimalware solution, but to ensure the most comprehensive protection for your data, it must be regularly updated to remain effective against current threats.  Unfortunately, cyber crime is becoming more sophisticated, meaning businesses have to stay focused on finding the most appropriate ways to protect their staff and customers.

Below are two of the top security threats in 2014

    1. Increasing numbers of businesses now support a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, this allows employees to use a personal device to access business data and continue working on their projects while at home.  While BYOD is great for productivity, from an IT perspective it presents a number of security worries.  Many people still believe that tablets or other mobile smart devices are impossible to infect with a virus; unfortunately this is not true.  When staff download unauthorized apps or click on suspect links, any viruses that are concealed within can quickly spread through a network, leaving a trail of destruction.
    2. According to a survey carried out by search engine Google, half of all respondents had shared their password with another person.  This kind of fundamental lack of security know-how is one of the reasons why human error remains the highest risk to a business.  Password security breaches are easy to mastermind, because people so often choose obvious words or phrases, such as their birth-date or the name of their pet.

Therefore, effective data protection has to follow a twofold approach, combining reliable and solid security software with regular team meetings, where members of staff are taught the best practice and a more professional attitude to online threats.

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