IT Outsourcing

When you hire managed IT services, not all companies are the same. There’s what they say they do – and then what they actually do.

At Great Lakes Computer, we want you to get the very best service from your provider when you sign the contract. Before you actually do that, here’s what you should look for when outsourcing to your next IT service provider:

    1. Easy to Communicate With:It’s not always easy to get in touch with IT service providers. You’ll want one that you can promptly get a hold of by phone, e-mail, or both. Make sure you check out their references first to see if this is something you can count on getting from them.
    2. Prompt Response When You Actually Need Service: The next benefit you’ll want is someone who responds to you and begins making the fix within minutes of your request. Some IT support providers wait hours, or even days, before providing service. Even though IT outsourcing is relatively young and growing as an industry, check out each company’s reputation with organizations like the BBB (if possible).
    3. Straightforward Billing: Let’s be honest – not all companies make their billing easy to understand. Some are charging hidden fees, trying to get everything out of you they can. When talking with your managed network service provider, you’ll want to make sure you can easily understand how they charge. If it gets complicated or unclear, that’s a red flag to start getting bids from other companies.
    4. Friendly, Personal Service: Shouldn’t you get this with every organization? But, you’ve had that negative customer service experience where you were treated like an inconvenience before. It can happen in the IT industry too. When you talk with the company before actually making your selection, evaluate how they seem to treat you. That gives a good indicator of how they’ll treat you later on.
    5. Service from a Local Provider: Because much of IT outsourcing can be done remotely, it’s tempting to compare providers from across the nation. But, consider how difficult it is to work with people hundreds, or a couple thousand, miles away. With someone who operates locally, you don’t have to deal with remote communications. You can go to their office and talk with them in person if you have major concerns.

You Can Find All of These IT Support Benefits in One Place

Don’t all of these IT Outsourcing things sound fairly basic? That’s because they are! But, it’s very hard to find these qualities within a single IT Support company. However, you shouldn’t compromise on a single one of them. If the first few companies you talk to don’t meet these criteria, move on until you find the perfect fit that does.

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