Thermal PrinterThermal printers are innovative, technological products that can provide amazing benefits for many businesses. Some companies rely heavily on their use, and extended downtime due to maintenance issues can prove very costly. In order to get the most out of your thermal printer and keep it in optimal condition for as long as possible, there are several important guidelines you can follow.

Make sure the settings fit your needs

With many thermal printers you can adjust certain settings that are related to the quality and the speed of the print job in question. In general, faster and higher-quality printing is going to put more wear and tear on the machine. If you find that the performance of the settings outstrips your current needs, you may be able to reduce the strain on your thermal printer and extend its life by adjusting the settings accordingly.

When not in use, cover the printer and keep it out of high-traffic areas

Sometimes the smallest details can make a big difference when it comes to sensitive technology. Many thermal printers are located in areas where significant dust and debris can accumulate, potentially wreaking havoc on the small parts of the printer. Always keep your thermal printer covered when it isn’t in use, and try to position it away from heavy foot traffic or machinery when possible to reduce the risk of accidental damage.

Clean the printer head and inside of the printer frequently

Printer heads for thermal printers are notoriously sensitive, and cleaning them regularly is a crucial step in maximizing their lifespan. The manufacturer’s instruction manual should include information on safely cleaning the printer head. Abrasive materials could damage the head, so remember to always clean it with a soft cloth. It’s also important to gently wipe the inside of the printer to minimize dust and other particles building up inside. Proper cleaning of the head and the printer will increase the quality of your print jobs and help you get the most out of your investment.

Use high-quality supplies

When it comes to the media you’ll be using with your thermal printer, it pays to purchase high-quality products, specifically those that are recommended by the manufacturer or dealer. Cheap labels often use substandard adhesive, and they can also be a source of debris building up inside the machine.

Check for loose parts

As thermal printers go through regular usage some parts may begin to loosen and be in danger of falling and damaging sensitive materials. It’s good practice to routinely examine all of the parts to determine if any need to be tightened.

Leave your thermal printer maintenance to the experts

When you partner with a managed print service company, you can relieve yourself of all of the worry of maintaining your important thermal printers. Great Lakes Computer specializes in thermal printer maintenance, repair, and supply ordering, so that our clients can always rely on their thermal printers to be running smoothly when they need them most.

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