office moveOffice moves are a real glass half empty situation most of the time. There are plenty of articles on how hard relocating your offices can be. It certainly isn’t a picnic, but it’s not all schlepping and headaches. Here are a few ways to see your move as a glass half full.

    • A Chance to Enhance Your Brand – As your business has evolved, your offices likely stayed the same. A new office is a great time to incorporate your more modern brand with more modern design features. Just say no to the old sterile office walls, and use the new space to incorporate some color features. Maybe you’re tired of cubicles or, the opposite, maybe you’re tired of the open office – this is your opportunity to update your setup.
    • A Fresh Start for Your Network – Your current office likely has an outdated network setup. Rewiring and upgrading your existing system probably felt wasteful or daunting. Before moving into a new space, consider your ideal setup. Do you want to make the switch to a cloud environment with unified communications? An office move is a great time to move your technology forward which be a boon to your productivity.
    • Re-energize Your Team – While the job functions will remain the same, a move can be a good way to reignite the flame in your staff. Give them input into how common areas will be set up. Maybe you don’t realize that the coffee pot is constantly splashing onto the water cooler and making a mess that a simple reorganization could fix. Encourage them to clean out clutter from their work spaces so they have more room to think in the new space.
    • Lighten Your Load – Like any place, after you’ve been in one spot for an extended period, things begin to pile up. Old, unnecessary office supplies and paperwork get pushed to corners and ignored by the people that see them everyday. They become part of the landscape. A relocation is a great opportunity to free yourself of that excess. Identify which pieces of equipment aren’t working properly and either get them repaired or trash them. Don’t waste your money and time on moving anything you won’t use. If you’re sitting on a major mountain of paper-filled cabinets, take the initiative and get those documents digitized where possible.
    • Renegotiate Your Service Contracts – When you update your network and move locations, your data transfer and storage needs may change. This is a great time to re-negotiate with your telecom providers.

Office moves are a big job, but they can be a great way to energize your business and your team. The key to success is in careful planning and extensive vetting of your vendors. Moving your IT is one of the most critical tasks. You need to minimize downtime to prevent any impact on your business or customer experience. Great Lakes Computer Corporation provides office IT relocation services. We will backup your data, pack up your equipment, move it to the new location, unpack it and get you up and running quickly. We will be on-site to troubleshoot any hiccups that arise at the new location as well. Great Lakes can help you see the upside of moving.