Managed IT ServicesHow new are you to managed services for law firms?

It sounds like a generic term at first, so you might not know exactly what it means. What it means in reality depends on the company too. But, it should refer to the proactive monitoring and maintenance of your IT architecture. So, your network issues should be fixed before you even know about them.

It’s important to have good managed IT services. Foreign hackers love to target smaller law firms especially. They know that on average, their security is much weaker (or even non-existent) than the security found at larger law firms.

Why Use Managed IT Services?

One of the greatest benefits of managed IT services is improved efficiency. You should be able to find your client’s phone number and access all their case information in just a few seconds. You should have a hard time remembering when you last experienced an irritating network failure! You should always be happy with the speed of your network. If you notice any delays or inefficiencies with any of these processes, that’s where good managed IT services make a difference.

With a managed services provider, you can also do things like:

    • Automating what time all the PC monitors in your office turn off to save on energy bills
    • Protecting your firm from foreign hackers that you have no ability to hold legally responsible for their actions
    • Reducing labor costs because your network operates more efficiently and doesn’t require employees to sit around waiting

A Few Tips for Finding a Managed Services Provider:

1. Choose an MSP with 24x7x365 remote monitoring. Believe it or not, some only monitor during regular business hours. Do hackers keep standard business hours?

2. You should be able to talk to support staff 24x7x365.

3. You should get both remote and onsite support.

4. You should also be able to get unlimited monthly monitoring plans – they keep your costs predictable. Variable plans also work, but you have to be able to prepare for the emergency situation of high bills for a few months.

The Bottom Line:

Your Managed IT Support Services Should Act as a Partner in Success They should be able to show you clear business value they’ve added because of their actions. Basically, the relationship should be like having a star in-house employee you can always trust to do the right thing. If it falls short of that in anyway, it’s time to start looking at other managed IT vendors.Click the link Managed IT services if you would like more information.