Did you know healthcare data breaches make up 44% of all data security breaches? That makes them the most frequent data breach of all.

Criminals use this information to:

    • Buy prescription drugs and sell them on the street
    • File false tax returns under your patient’s names
    • Use other medical services in their name
    • Open credit accounts

You don’t want this to happen to you. It could cost you millions of dollars in fines from the federal government!

Here are some very real examples of recent heathcare breaches:

    1. 4.9 Million Tricare Military Beneficiaries Have Their Data Stolen: Unfortunately, this company claimed all patient data was encrypted and there was nothing to worry about. However, it was later publicly revealed this was not the case after all. However, they also claimed it would take fairly sophisticated equipment to actually access the stolen patient data. A $4.9 billion dollar lawsuit was filed to settle the matter.
    2. In 2014, Community Health Systems Has Data for 4.5 Million Patients Stolen: The hackers stole their social security numbers, among other private information. With all their personal data, criminals could open bank accounts and credit cards. In this case, the hackers were Chinese. Interestingly, investigators had record of these same hackers stealing important medical information from other corporations. Although unclear in this case, many times Chinese hackers are sponsored by their national government. And when questioned, Chinese authorities claim to have no awareness or association with the hackers.
    3. Advocate Medical Group Sued for Allowing Data for 4.03 Million Patients to Be Stolen: The company had computers physically stolen from its premises on July 15, 2013. No medical records were taken, but private information like names, addresses, and again social security numbers were stolen. The suit contends that the company did not secure or encrypt information on their computers. In the minds of the representing attorneys, not enough action was taken. Regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit, it’s still going to consume a lot of time and money.
    4.  Montana’s State Department of Public Health Hacked – 1.3 Million Patients Potentially Affected: Hackers were able to successfully breach a server. However, it’s not clear they accessed or used any information appropriately. They responded to the situation remarkably well. More security software was added, all systems were safely restored, and security measures continue to be tested and revised.

When you hire a qualified managed IT services firm, you don’t have to experience these problems. Bad publicity, millions of dollars lost in present and future business, hundreds of hours of lost time, and a weighty amount of stress are things you don’t have to deal with with good IT support in place.