Tech TipReducing energy waste in your office does not have to equate to a sacrifice in personal comfort or quality of workmanship. With the availability of cloud computing, many new options for minimizing energy consumption have opened up that will simultaneously increase the level of freedom enjoyed by team members. Minor changes translate into significant savings such as these tips…

Tech Tips and Beyond to Reduce Energy Waste in the Office

Implementing the following changes will trim up your electric bill in short order:

    • Opt for cloud computing and managed print solutions. By eliminating the need to power a large server room, you’ll enjoy reduced energy usage within your office. Managed print services identify instances where unwanted pages are printed; streamlining your print needs reduces energy expenses while simultaneously extending the life of your equipment.
    • Use the “hibernate” feature on all PCs and turn off printers, microwaves, etc. before leaving the office. Electrical devices continue to draw power even when they are not in use; if your office is going to be empty for a few days (or even overnight), make sure to switch everything to “off” or “hibernate”.
    • Give employees the option to work from home. Particularly in offices utilizing complete cloud solutions, staff members can connect with one another over the internet from any location, eliminating the need for a larger office space (which requires more energy to heat and cool) and additional facilities employees require on site.
    • Keep the office a few degrees cooler in winter and a bit warmer in summer. Ask employees to dress accordingly, as small changes in the thermostat translate into big energy savings. Cloud computing solutions help implement these changes as they eliminate the need to keep a server room relatively cold to protect equipment from overheating.
    • Hire a professional to conduct an energy audit. You may be surprised how much energy is lost through leaky windows or cracks in the building; older appliances also have the tendency to be an energy drain in your office. After your audit, create a budget to upgrade windows, appliances, etc.; upfront costs will be returned to you over time through lower utility bills.
    • Consider adding skylights and/or solar panels to your roof. Skylights allow free, natural lighting to enter your workspace, boosting the moral of team members and reducing, if not eliminating, the need for artificial lighting during daytime hours. Solar panels are low maintenance additions that can be tied into your electrical system and added slowly over time to lower the energy costs within your office. Tax credits may be available to offset these initial investments.

Reducing energy waste in your office will do more than just increase your bottom line. Cloud computing options, in addition to being green for the planet and great for reducing utility expenses, tend to increase the mobility of your team members and facilitate greater communication while enhancing network security. Great Lakes Computer can help your organization implement a hybrid or complete cloud solution and/or managed print services to meet your needs. When coupled with the additional tech tips mentioned above, energy savings within your office will be impressive.

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