Managed ServicesA common help desk call for any user is when their internet connection is not working.  After the obvious is ruled out (DSL line is down??  Did you remember to pay the cable bill this month??), and you realize that you actually have an IP address but no internet, you pick up the phone for IT support.

Before making the call, we found this article on to be a very useful step-by-step guide to address the issue of no internet connection despite an IP address.

“Many of us have experienced the frustration of having an IP address and not being able to connect to the Internet. The question that is arises is: Why is there no connection?  This happens multiple times daily somewhere  in the world. In this paper, we examine possible reasons why this happens and what to do for each possibility.  Most common causes will be presented first, followed by the less likely reasons. We’ll begin by looking at this from a basic trouble-shooting view to verify both connections and configuration. Then we will move to related issues from the local network such as address conflicts and limited connectivity. That is where things get more complicated, so we’ll explore parts of IP addressing and DHCP basics to understand what else could cause this challenge. That will lead us to what happens when DHCP misfires.”  Download full whitepaper here.

Is the Problem in your Network?

Great Lakes Computer’s Managed Service Products include Computer Network Management.  Avoid problems before they arise by maintaining the critical components of your computer network – the heartbeat of your business. Preventative network support saves you time and money by optimizing your computer network’s performance and keeping risk to a minimum.  We’re there when you need us, with prompt response time and outstanding customer service. Through our reliable computer network management, you can rest assured that your network is solid, and your business is properly supported.