POS System MaintenanceAll types of businesses use Point-of-Sale systems, but each uses them a little differently. Where an automotive repair shop may just have a single, fixed terminal, a popular restaurant may have several fixed terminals as well as a series of handheld units that are constantly on the move. No matter what type of system you have, it’s crucial to protect your investment and keep it running smoothly as long as possible. Glitches in sales processing can cause huge headaches and potential income loss. Here are some suggestions from our experts to make sure your POS system lasts.

Dedicated Power Source.

Challenges related to a stable and steady electrical supply are the number one cause of problems with POS equipment. This only stands to reason; since POS systems contain highly sensitive and sophisticated electronics, even small fluctuations in the supply of power can lead to adverse effects. These fluctuations can occur when other machines consuming electricity are located on the same circuit, like fax machines and copiers.

POS equipment should be installed on a dedicated circuit used only by the system itself. This circuit should be supplied with an isolated ground wire. Another alternative is to use power filtering. This can help to eliminate “noise” in the circuit and level out spikes in power. It is, however, considered less of a complete solution than moving the POS system to a dedicated circuit.

Strong Protection for Portable Devices. 

Mobile POS units can help servers and staff interact more efficiently with customers, which can increase customer satisfaction as well as sales. However, they are far more susceptible to the human element which can include dropping. Businesses with tile or concrete flooring need to invest in the most rugged units possible. Even though these tend to be more expensive, they will reduce the need for POS system repair.

Regular and Thorough Cleaning. 

Keeping POS equipment clean is the single most important proactive step that businesses can take to make their systems last longer.  Grime, dust, and grease can play havoc with the responsiveness and reliability of a POS system.  When it comes to equipment featuring touch screens, a glass cleaner is a must. But, avoid any trace of ammonia, which over time can damage the screen’s responsiveness.  Glass cleaner should never be sprayed directly on a screen; instead spray a cloth and then use the cloth to wipe the screen.

To clean fingerprint readers, use a strip of clear plastic tape. This removes built up residue that inevitably accumulates on such devices.

If your POS equipment takes more of a beating than you can keep up with, call Great Lakes Computer. We offer both on-site or depot repair service to keep your Point-of-Sale equipment humming along.