SMB’s worldwide embracing Cloud Computing

Cloud ComputingSmall and medium sized businesses around the world are increasingly investigating the potential that cloud infrastructure offers for streamlining and simplifying their business operations.  A strong example of this trend is currently being seen in Saudi Arabia.

This large Middle Eastern nation is generally classified as being in the earliest phases of cloud adoption. According to international advisory and market research firm IDC, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia only has a few providers offering full-fledged cloud services.  Despite this, IT managers and other decision-makers are giving cloud technologies a good deal of time and attention at the moment as they strive to understand the benefits they can offer to businesses both small and large.

IDC research analyst Hamza Naqshbandi has seen this process first-hand.  “Organizations across the kingdom have traditionally preferred to manage their IT operations internally,” he recently explained.  “However, there has been growing interest in outsourcing models, with organizations increasingly using hosting and managed services.  This growing adoption of outsourcing services is seen as a first step toward moving to a cloud-based model, as companies become more comfortable with the concept of remote services delivery.”

The outcome of such adoptions will be a near explosion in the adoption rate for cloud IT solutions.  According to IDC, 2013 figures should surpass those of the previous year by almost 35%.  Even more astoundingly, the research firm estimates that annual growth in the Saudi cloud IT market between 2012 and 2016 could surpass 49% when compounding is taken into account.

The benefits that come from transitioning to software located in the cloud are available to U.S.  businesses as well.  When cloud technology is in place, firms can concentrate on their core competencies instead of having their attention diverted by the need to take care of their own IT support issues.

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