IT SupportThanks to our friends at Organizing 4 U, here are some tips that will make you a more efficient worker, and get all you need done in this shortened week of Thanksgiving.  Because even though the work week is shorter, there is no shortage of work!

Ten Tips for A More Efficient Work Day:

  1. Start small. Pick a small space, a shelf, a drawer or file and organize it. Next, move on to a larger project.
  2. Sort and Toss. Start your organizing process by sorting what is to be kept, archived or tossed. Don’t be afraid to throw things away!
  3. Assign things a proper home. Think about where you are most likely to look this item, then put it there. Label files with titles that make sense to you.
  4. Prioritize your files. Keep items that you use daily close at hand; Store the less frequently used items further away. Maximize your vertical space.
  5. Choose a central mail location. Have a dedicated in-box for all incoming paper. An out-box is also recommended. Discard and sort mail and papers daily for two weeks and a good habit will be developed.

Want the other 5 tips?  Visit our friends at to get the rest.

Have a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving from your Small Business IT Support Experts at Great Lakes Computer!