ThinkSpringToday’s blog post is from our guest bloggers at Organizing 4 U and encourages you to “Think Spring Cleaning” with these SMB office organizational tips:

Another snowy day in Northeast Ohio causes some doubt that Spring is almost here. But it really is March and it is good to know that things will be warming up soon. This month we will answer another question from you about storing like with like when deciding on homes for things. We will take this concept a bit further, and say: “Store like things together close to where you will be using them.”

In the office we suggest that you store all the files and supplies that you use most frequently close to where you will be sitting to do your work. This can be with a desk-top system, or the more traditional file drawer. Conversely, those files and documents that you need to keep, but rarely refer to, should be stored further away. Past taxes and old investment papers can be put into envelopes or banker’s boxes and stored elsewhere .

(Great Lakes would like to chime in from a Small Business  IT Support perspective and mention the same holds true with organizing your PC, and not to store everything on your desktop – only the things you truly use often)

We always say that organizing your time is just like organizing your stuff, and the concept of storing like with like holds true with time management as well. When planning your day, group similar activities in specific blocks of time. Instead of checking your email every time you think about it, set aside specific times of day to read and attend to the emails you receive; this will be less distracting. Have some telephone calls to make? The same holds true. When is your best time to be creative, or the time you know you will have a more difficult time concentrating? Group the various tasks on your to-do list accordingly.

With examples in these three areas, we hope you will more easily be able to find homes for those items you want to store. Have any other questions on organizing your home, office or time? Do not hesitate to ask by sending us an email:

Think Spring!!!