Remote Server Monitoring for less than $1/day – It is possible!

Server monitoringOrganizations, whether large, medium or small, need insight into the operations of their servers.  However, unless they are a large company, many believe they cannot afford a robust, remote monitoring solution.  Historically, SMB’s have a hard time justifying the costs in their yearly budgets.

However, all that has changed.  Thanks to providers like Great Lakes Computer, remote server monitoring is available for even  home offices, at less than $1/day.

Powered by Kaseya, Great Lakes Computer’s Server Monitoring allows your organization to obtain real-time, internal statistics from your servers by automatically scanning them for irregularities and/or failures.

Monitoring of your server for faults, errors and warnings – 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 365 days per year, this automated program can remotely fix common problems and errors immediately, often times before you even know they exist!  Instant notification of problems or changes such as low disk space, processor spikes and memory issues, along with after-hours e-mail and cell phone problem notification, will ensure you can relax, knowing your operations are working, even when you are not.

Additionally, in this ever changing world of virsuses, malware and spyware, the Great Lakes solution ensures your server’s up-to-date with the latest important security patches and updates.

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