Cloud backup adoption in today’s regulatory environment

Data Restore ParachutesIn the 21st century marketplace, information is the lifeblood of a growing number of businesses both large and small.  Although this has made the need for adequate data backup increasingly obvious, there is a world of difference between on-site data duplication and cloud storage of essential data resources.

Although the most obvious advantage to a cloud backup solution is the fact that information in the cloud is protected from local events – everything from fire and flood to malware intrusions – improved data security is far from the only reason businesses should begin to seriously consider online backup.  Another key benefit concerns the complex regulations concerning personally identifiable information or financial data that many businesses maintain.

Many small businesses are subject to these regulations, even though they were written with large industry players in mind.  Companies involved with not just finance and banking, but also those in market sectors such as health care, legal services, retail, manufacturing, and even government can be subject to strict regulations regarding how they safeguard data – and the fines that can accrue due to non-compliance sometimes range far above the ability of a small business to pay.

One of the best things that SMBs can do is to work closely with an IT firm able to assist them with cloud IT solutions that can help them meet regulatory guidelines for data security.  Such a firm can examine a company’s existing backup protocol, identifying vulnerabilities that could be corrected by storing data securely in the cloud.

Many SMBs find that it is better to take advantage of such assistance than to go it alone when making decisions about cloud backup options.  The “cloud,” contrary to common perception, is a diverse backup environment allowing for a great deal of customization.  While some businesses may find that a public cloud solution meets their needs, others may decide that a private cloud or even a hybrid solution is the best option in their individual circumstances.

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