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Data ProtectionsAt a recent cyber security summit, the Attorney General of Nebraska, Jon Bruning admitted that even he had fallen victim to the crime of identity theft, underlining the very real possibility that anyone could be next.

A second, possibly even less likely target was Schrock Innovations, a computer maintenance firm that experienced a so called “ransom virus” attack.  Here, the perpetrators restricted access to the company’s records, refusing to hand them back until a substantial sum was handed over.  Luckily, in a move that should be a valuable lesson to all business owners, Schrock had backed up its data in two separate locations.  This saved them paying out $500 for each file they would have wanted released.

In reference to an attack that targeted credit card giants Visa, Thor Schrock, the CEO of the company, pointed out that: “People don’t seem to make that connection that we’re transitioning from a world of physical theft to a world of digital theft,” adding, “This is a real crime that costs real money, but a lot of people don’t see the individual responsibility to protect their individual machine…Protection costs money.”

There are measures you can take to prepare your business for the inevitable approach of cyber criminals, however; starting with an awareness of your company’s weak spots.  Your security solutions should be manifold, beginning with installing a reliable and tested antivirus and antimalware program on your system and once it is there, be sure to keep it updated regularly.  Next, investigate the stability of any third party providers that are involved in your enterprise, check that they too are managing their safeguarding responsibilities effectively.

Finally, bear in mind that for each size of business, from multinationals to local start-ups, your staff are the first line of defense when it comes to computer safety.  Include them in any briefings, take their concerns seriously and act upon any tip offs they give before it is too late.

Is your Anti-Virus doing what you paid for it to do?

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