POS Systems Maintenance: Barcode Scanner Batteries

Point of Sale BatteriesOne of the most important maintenance issues when it comes to POS systems concerns the batteries that are a part of many barcode scanners systems.  Business managers and owners who take certain precautions with regard to batteries will find that their system stays operational for longer before new batteries become necessary.

Initial use

In most cases, POS systems with barcode scanners will arrive with batteries fully discharged.  In order to “train” the battery to take and hold a full charge in the future, it is important to charge them completely before the scanner is ever used.  This is a little bit more difficult than it sounds because new batteries sometimes have a tendency to claim to be fully charged far too soon.

If the batteries indicate that they have acquired a full charge after only a few minutes of charging, do not assume the reading to be correct.  Instead, unplug them from the charger that came with the barcode reader, and wait a few minutes so that they can cool off completely.  This is a good time to get (and drink) a cup of coffee before resuming, since that will enforce the break the batteries need.  When they are cool, plug them back into the charger and begin again.

Allow full discharge

Business owners and managers using point of sale equipment certainly do not want to be caught with their barcode reader low on power.  For this reason, many choose to keep the reader more or less fully charged at all times.  This will actually degrade the overall performance of the batteries, however, particularly if the fully-charged-at-all-times system is applied when the batteries are relatively new.

Instead, as soon as a new set of batteries begin their initial service, keep them in use without recharging them until they are fully depleted.  Then, charge them up to the 100% level again and repeat the process.  After approximately four or five cycles of complete charge and discharge, the batteries will be primed to provide the barcode reader with peak performance.

At that point the batteries can be allowed to discharge partially before charging, but it is still a good idea to make sure that they have at least one full charge/discharge cycle each month.

Warning signs

Batteries should not be hot to the touch.  Routine essential maintenance involves checking periodically to make sure they are not overheating, as this can cause damage to the barcode reader as well as the battery.  If a battery is overheating, disconnect it from the device and do not use the reader until you can get professional maintenance assistance from a point of sale repair technician.

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