Law firms specific needs make a compelling argument for Managed IT Services

Lawyers Managed ServicesLaw firms have highly specific needs when it comes to IT support. Even in the modern age of computers and mobile communications, the practice of law remains an industry that is paperwork heavy. Unlike in some other industries, following precise formatting requirements is an absolute must for attorneys and their paralegal assistants. This means that the best IT support for law firms should include managed print services or even outsource print services so that printing jobs are completed quickly and accurately no matter how voluminous the paperwork involved may be.

Small law firms have special needs

Although law firms of any size can benefit from switching their IT support needs over to a managed service provider, there are special reasons why small law firms should pay particular attention to the benefits of such a strategy. Due to their training in college, law school and on the job, most lawyers are highly conversant with computer use.

This expertise, however, usually only extends to standalone computers that reach the internet through a system someone else sets up and maintains.  The result is that very few people in the legal profession have ever needed to delve into the intricacies of network management or data security procedures.

The smaller a firm is, the greater the chance that there is nobody on staff who has any experience at all in these fields. Small firms must, therefore, look outside their own ranks to find IT support specialists. The most cost-effective way to do so is by using a form of IT outsourcing known as managed services in which most IT support is provided via the internet.

Modern technology means that support personnel, a city or even an entire state away, can virtually connect to a law firm’s server and manage it from a distance, resolving many common problems without an on-site visit becoming necessary. This dramatically slashes costs as compared to hiring a part-time or full-time IT support staffer to provide services in person.

Large law firms also benefit from managed services

The principle of core competencies in business dictates that companies are most successful when they can focus their energies on the specialized tasks at which they truly excel. For law firms this means being able to concentrate on the legal cases at issue instead of trying to manage their print services needs on their own. An in-house IT support department requires a certain amount of supervision and oversight, and these tasks will take managers away from the company’s core competency of arguing cases in writing and/or in person.

Using a managed service provider can allow a business to have confidence in their data backup procedures without the need to become directly involved in the day-to-day procedures needed to ensure data integrity and security.

In the end, therefore, IT support for law firms, both small and large, is best provided through an IT outsourcing model that can leverage the specialized skills and expertise of an experienced managed services provider.

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