Delivering on IT Transformation: Converged Infrastructure Drives Cost Down and Efficiency Up

Managed IT servicesJust listened to this 60 minute webinar.  It is a good one to share as I found it to be a conversation every organization must have – companies are spending way too much time and money dealing with the burdens of increasing IT infrastructure that it is taking away from their bottom line.  Finding a Managed IT Services Provider who can understand and ensure you are operating at maximum efficiency (I heard Great Lakes Computer is a great one!) can increase profit margins no matter what industry you are in.


IT Infrastructure eSeminar

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June 4, 2013

The changes in the world of IT have been dramatic. Thanks to the proliferation of Cloud Computing in all its flavors, virtualization is now the norm for both server and storage in many organizations. But virtualization alone can’t deliver on the true promise of Converged Infrastructure – that of providing all of IT “as a Service” with the simplicity and efficiency that you’d expect from any public cloud offering.

How can you reduce the burden of managing infrastructure, and allow IT staffer to focus on what counts – delivering bottom-line results?

Organizations across the globe are finding new ways to become more efficient and continue to “Do More with Less”. Register now for this event and learn where to start today to achieve these benefits in your organization.  Learn more and Register here.

Great Lakes Computer Helps ALL PRO Freight Systems with Managed Services

What can managed services do for you? Take a quick moment to see how Great Lakes Computer Corp was able to help ALL PRO Freight Systems increase customer service support while decreasing the time it took to solve customer problems.

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